This is a little extension for Firefox that enables you to place a button which opens the Page-Info-dialog in your toolbar. It also restores the shortcut ctrl+i for this functionality.

Thanks to the authors of "Customizable Toolbar Buttons" (Torisugari) and "Pithy" (Rowne-Wuff Mastaile) for inspiring me with their (apparently discontinued) extensions.

Please note that with Firefox 74.0 the Ctrl+I shortcut for the Page Info dialog has been brought back to the official release


You can download the extension here from Firefox Addons or directly below.

Version 0.1
initial release

Version 0.1.1
- changed the icon

Version 0.1.2
- updated manifest to be compatible with Firefox 2.0.0.x

Version 0.1.3
- compatibility with Firefox 3 Beta 3

- bumped maxVersion to 3.0pre

- compatible to Firefox 1.5.* to 3.0.* and now displays version correctly under "Add-ons"

- new icons and icon highlighting upon mouse hover

- updated for Firefox 3.5

- updated for Firefox 3.6

- version for Firefox 4

- minor bugfix, added German localization (updated for Firefox 5, 6, 7)

For any feedback contact me at ff(at)